Im a little obsessed with this brand called Alterna. They have a variety of products and just love the results on my hair and also on a lot of my clients. I find that its perfect for all hair types and there free of sulfates, parabens and synthetic colour.

I have medium – thick curly hair. As seen above these are the products i use now its summer. I tend to change it from time to time so my  hair doesn’t get too used to the same product.

These shampoos are very thick and you only need a tiny amount and its not like other runny shampoos you would buy in local supermarkets, you would then emulsify with water and this would lather up nicely. With the conditioner i would always apply on mid-lengths and ends.

Once every two weeks i would use my moisture masque to give my hair that extra boost of nourishment. I would towel dry my hair and apply masque instead of conditioner and leave on between 20 mins or even a couple of hours, then i would rinse very thoroughly.

Hope this was helpful and hope you try it for yourself as this is one of my favorite brands for my hair and I’ve also seen great results through my clients. 

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