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Stress & anxiety – everyone has it, no one wants it! 


When I’m feeling anxious or stressed I love to gym it out as it makes me feel so much better. But sometimes time and work take over and you might not have much time.

I also love apps such as calm and headspace. These help in so many ways, you could just find what suits you from all the options on the app. It’s great to listen to in the morning / evening or whenever is best for you.

I love using natural products and these really help me when I’m anxious.

1) Lavender 100% essential oil

2) REN pillow spray


What they Are & do?

lavender – reduces anxiety

frankincense – rests your mind

hops- calms & relax’s



How to use lavender oil– 

I use mine in the bath by running warm water and adding 4-6 drops. It’s so lovely and relaxing. Or I sometimes add in my diffusers in the house.

How to use Ren & now to sleep pillow spray- 

Before bed i spray 4 to 6 times on my pillow and duvet.

This really is lovely before you sleep just to chill.



  1. Lucy
    May 1, 2019 / 8:32 pm

    Thanks maria I always need help with sleep! Will try these both x

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