MOROCCO – Marrakech


I recently visited Marrakech for 4 days and stayed in a lovely Riad called Jemaa El Fna Riad & Spa. It was located in the most perfect location and in the hustle & bustle just off of the busiest square. Whether you decide to stay at a riad, a fancy hotel , a private villa or hostel, from my experience every place in Marrakesh has something to different to offer.




There are plenty of souks around Jemaa el Fna square, so you won’t miss them. Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, wondering around busy market streets of the souk is an experience itself. You will find that its bright and gleaming with copper and brass lanterns, mirrors, candlesticks, silver teapots and lamps, as well as spices and perfumes, for which it was traditionally known. In other areas theres a variety of shoes, clothes and basket bags. I absolutely loved every minute and i felt like i was in Aladdin the whole time

Don’t forget to haggle – you won’t be able to buy anything without haggling in Morocco!



Jardin Marjorelle 

The garden dates from the 1920’s when French artist Jacques Majorelle created it. Majorelle ended up becoming more famous for the garden than his paintings but the bright blue Majorelle blue has become the garden’s centerpiece and most well known feature. The garden was later purchased by fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. The art deco here is amazing with bright colours of blue and yellow. You won’t spend too much time here as its not far too big. I also went to the museum which wasn’t too great and if I knew I would of gave this a miss, it was small and just not very interesting.















La Mamounia

This is the legendary palace hotel in Marrakesh and its ‘Morrocco’s refined art of living’. If you have a chance to visit the hotel its a MUST, its a place you’ll want to explore every inch of. Ive never seen interior like it and it was the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen.

Heres my experience visiting La Mamounia in marrakesh.







Places to eat which were amazing!

AL FASSIA – Theres two restaurants in Marrakesh, mainly run by women which was INCREDIBLE. I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting as this was my favourite place to eat.

COMPTOIR DARNA – Amazing entertainment (belly dancers) and performers all through the night. food was amazing but the service very slow, but i found this a lot in Marrakesh.

La Salama – This was located just off  the market and theres an amazing root top view. Very cute but more ideal for lunch.


What to consider when in Morrocco-

Marrakesh was an absolute great experience the whole way. Very very different to a lot of other destinations I’ve travelled to.  For all things boho chic its a dream shopping destination aswel as feeling like your in Aladdin.

What i would advice to Ladies is always cover your shoulders & knees (shawls) its just respectful to the locals and you won’t be approached as much. Expect to get names called at you like “hannah montana”, “Fish & chips”  , Madonna (especially if your blonde) “asda price” its very funny.  When your in the square theres a lot of street harassment towards woman & tourists, just IGNORE and walk on. If you are caught recording or taking pictures they want money, so if you do, just do it discreetly especially when you see the snakes & monkeys.

Getting around i would use the local taxis, but make sure you ask the price first, HAGGLE HAGGLE HAGGLE as they say anything to make money. (also make sure you have the change and the right amount as they don’t give you change even though you agree on a price, they tell you to get out with out giving you change, just HILARIOUS)

Never once did I feel scared but just be aware.

I hope this helps anyone who is visiting, i can’t wait to go back, do it completely different and explore more. i was only there for a few days and tried to do as much as i could.




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