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                                                   My birth story 🖤


Everyone has there own, so here’s mine. At 36 weeks pregnant I woke up at 8am and went to the toilet and saw that I had water on my knickers.. I wasn’t quite sure if my waters broke or what to think until I felt my dressing gown was wet. I looked down and thought that’s odd?… it was only until I saw water droplets on the floor and knew yes my waters have broke. I woke my partner up and said I think my waters have broke, he shot out of bed and said we need to call hospital. You wait for this moment for so long and yet, when it comes 1000 things start going through your head. I then phoned triage and they started asking me questions about my pregancy such as how far along, how old am i etc… When I said I was 36 weeks pregnant I was then advised to go straight to Triage. I went to my nearest hospital and all the examinations started such as a urine test, a monitor on the baby and my blood pressure. I was told I had to stay here too see if my body was going to go into labour naturally in the next 24 hours or I would be induced. I had a lot of amniotic fluid around my baby my whole pregnancy and boy oh boy did I flood triage, every time I would stand or sit up gushes of water would come out. I was then taken into the maternity ward by a wheel chair as I could not stand without soaking the floor, even the midwife said I don’t think I’ve ever seen water like it, 😂 I was nervous, anxious and scared. One of my biggest fears has alwats been going into LABOUR!!!
The baby and I was monitored throughout the day and night every few hours for roughly around 45 minutes each time. Whilst this was being done I was left to count the amount of times my baby moved, they have me a little buzzer to do this. I couldn’t sleep all night yet nothing was happening, all I felt was very mild period pains through my back and stomach. I was by myself as no partners were allowed in at this point, thank god for FaceTime! 8am the next morning I was advised by the doctor that I needed to be induced as it’s been over 24hours and there is a very high risk of infection the longer we leave it. After anxiously waiting for hours I was finally transferred into the labour ward and at this stage partners were welcomed. I was dreading been induced and examined as you hear so many horrific stories. I feel like alot of people always like to tell you the worst ones too. The midwives examined me and inserted the propess tablet to help bring on labour. This is usually left in for 12 hours, I even had gas and air to relax 😂 so anyone freaking out like I was I PROMISE YOU it’s nothing at all and so much better than a smear test. I started to walk by this point as they say gravity helps the baby move down and makes contractions more effective. We got to the evening and I could feel slightly more intense period pains and at around 1am I started feeling contractions, they were definitely coming along more, again I had a little more gas and air to relax. I was so tired as I couldn’t sleep as your just so scared and don’t know what’s coming. Throughout the whole time the baby and I was monitored to see if all was ok. My 12 hours was up and I was examined, annoyingly I was 1cm dilated, it was moving along but very, very, very slowy. The doctor advised that I was to be put on the Oxytocin drip to speed things up. I then requested to have an epidural so i didnt feel most any pains due to contractions. Having the epidural was fine and it didn’t hurt. (Another procedure I was scared about) the baby and I were monitored the whole time by two midwives which they had to stay in the room the whole time. I was numb and My contractions started as I could feel gushes of water every time I had one. A few hours went by, we were all chatting away waiting for something to happen. My boyfriend just came back from getting some lunch and treats for the lovely midwives, suddenly the midwife came over to re-adjust the belt around my tummy which monitors the baby’s heartbeat and I could see from the monitor that I had two big contractions back to back, followed by gushes of water. The midwife calmly said I will now need to buzz for some help and you will see a load of people rushing in as the baby’s heartbeat has dropped. I was freaking out and then a dozen of people gathered around me in seconds, the doctor quickly examined me and I was 2cm dilated, I had to roll onto my side to try and bring the baby’s heartbeat back up, rolled to my back again and the baby’s heartbeat dropped again. Within seconds I had to be rushed into theatre for an emergency c section to get the baby out ASAP.. I was so scared not knowing what was going to happen and thinking the worse. As my Epidural wasnt up to the optimum strenght I still felt tugs and pulls whilst the surgery was taking place, Within minutes I heard my baby crying which was a relief.. the doctor pulled the green curtain down and showed us the baby followed by ‘mummy I’m ok and here I am’ then the baby had to be examined by the paediatric team, my partner cut the umbilical cord and then he was brought over to me. He was hysterically crying the whole time and when we cuddled he instantly stopped, he’s eyes were wide open and it was the most special moment ever! We all had an hour together and I was back into the maternity ward with baby Leo.


We had to stay for a further 3 days for me and Leo to have Antibiotics and he had blood tests to see if all was ok. That evening the midwife removed the catheter so I could walk. I was a little anxious after my c section because of the recovery but I have felt absolutely fine and was moving around great within the first week. I was on loads of pain relief and was injected for 10 days after my csection. My scar is healing nicely and I’m very lucky I’m so ok after such a big operation. Baby Leo had a cannula for three days for he’s antibiotics. We also got he’s blood test results on the third day and thank god we had good results. They where finally talking about discharging me!!
After a few discussions it was said that I may be discharged today but it all depended on another test on Leo for jonders, A few moments later the doctor come back and said Leo was just under the border line so they had to get another blood sample from his foot. It was so sad as he was crying so much. Within ten minutes the nurse came back with the great news that he was fine and we could leave. I was so relieved we were going home earlier than expected and especially the moment they took baby leos cannula out he’s little hand. It was hard staying in all those days after a csection with a newborn doing a lot by yourself but I couldn’t thank north Middlesex hospital enough for all the amazing doctors and midwives who made my experience so lovely and special. Throughout my pregnancy I knew baby Leo was coming early and I guess that was the mother instinct kicking in from start. He is heathy, very content and has the sweetest soul. It definitely hasn’t been easy being pregnant and going through this journey during the world pandemic but positive thoughts will always drive you through it all. Most importantly I’m so happy I’m a mother with such a special little boy who decided to come a month early and surprise us with so much love, joy and happiness. 🖤🖤🖤


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